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About Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is also often called debt negotiation or debt consolidation. It provides a safe alternative to escalating debt and/or eventual bankruptcy. Thousands of people use debt settlement every year. All debts are reviewed and when possible, those debts are consolidated into one small manageable monthly payment. This payment will be at a significantly reduced interest rate compared to credit cards or other high interest bills.

Most commercial debts can be consolidated. While federal debts are more difficult, cash discounts can be negotiated. This sometimes include student loans and is entirely dependant on your financial situation.

While it is possible to negotiate these debts on your own, using a professional company has several advantages. They have established contacts at various banks and lending institutions. They are experienced in various laws and know what to say in order to get the best settlement.  Most importantly by dealing with millions of dollars in debt on various accounts our recommended debt consolidators have huge leverage with creditors.

Our current top recommendation is Curadebt. They have been directors of debt negotiation for over 25 years. Over 10000 individuals and families are helped every year.


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